Rare opportunity to acquire an established, B2B, leading-edge SaaS virtual reality company with existing and long-term subscription revenues. The company’s founder and current majority owner created the first to market and only SaaS 360 degree VR-content platform. Each virtual reality appliance platform resides on a server and website of its own:
• 3D flooring simulator kiosks
• Automotive 360 merchandising
• Crime Scene Reconstruction software / Homeland Security
• 360° Digital Asset Management
• Real Estate/Hotel/Vacation Rental market
The creation of 360 panoramic and virtual reality content typically requires extensive knowledge of programming languages. This company’s platforms do not require those skills to generate jaw-dropping 360-content.
Purchaser will acquire an 8-year old company with established Fortune 500 clients, leading brand hotels and small businesses with untapped potential. Sales are trending upward and could be growing faster with a funded sales strategy. Current owner has acclaimed experience, and is exceptional in his software user experience development but lacks adequate capital and headcount to scale operations.
Company has page one organic ranking with all the major search engines, which provides zero cost customer acquisition. Combined, the websites’ estimated value exceeds $360,000, as the typical cost to run a paid campaign on Google AdWords would cost over $120,000 a year to generate the same visibility and inbound lead generation. Their existing page one SEO ranking is an enviable advantage.
Owner is offering substantial transitional training and assistance to business purchaser, and the revenues from their six licensed affiliate offices.
Revenues will reach approximately $550,000 by the end of 2018 and are projected to reach $1.3 million in 2019 as the company is now shifting to server licensing.