Monday to Friday, business to business (B2B). Passive income potential run under management. Flexible space and occupancy solutions and co-working is the future of business. It provides the solution.

About the opportunity

By 2020, The Bureau of Labour Statistics in the United States estimates 65 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors or entrepreneurs, making up a full 40% of the workforce. Why will a dynamic country such as Australia be any different. In fact we are already seeing significant shifts in demand for this type of space in Australia.

It simply provides the modern work space and members buy private memberships giving them access to open areas or private offices, whichever they prefer.

Location Details

We will help you locate your site and negotiate your lease terms, define your marketing area and strategies.

We have the expertise and the data to ensure that the location you choose is a magnet for co-workers in your area.
Marketing Support

We provide innovative marketing plans that include a multi-channel approach, focusing on your local market and is designed specifically to pre-fill as many spaces as possible before your doors open.

Grand opening planning assistance, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials and event planning are just some of what you can expect from our marketing team.

After your launch period, the cooperative advertising fund kicks into gear with ongoing solutions to drive traffic to your location, even after your location is full.

Training Provided

Our training process is comprehensive and ensures that you have access to the tools that will prove essential for success.

Previous experience required

There is no specific experience required, although some business sense or related background can only help.

Remember, we provide thorough training and ongoing support.