This is a complete product line featuring safe, all natural, organic cleaning and other home and industrial care products made from a proprietary formula. The essential ingredient in these products has been used for hundreds of years to protect precious belongings, build kings tombs and emperors palaces due to its amazing characteristics. It is a natural grease cutter, an amazing deodorizer, and an incredible pesticide. This ingredient gives these products an amazing smell while simultaneously making them multi-use. These products are great for use in kitchens, baths or just about anywhere. All are safe, natural, organic and clean and cut grease and grime easily. Also included is a pet washing product that is a natural, safe & organic way to wash dogs.

Online Store Open 24x7x365

Strengths: Proprietary formula. Complete line of all natural, organic products already in production and available for sale.

Opportunities: Improved SEO & marketing efforts. Increase ecommerce sales. Develop brick& mortar retailer network.

Facilities: This business is managed from a home office as manufacturing and distribution are outsourced.