Two Amazon businesses, one US and one in Canada. This is the definition of a turnkey operation. Seller started about 10 years ago and has secured the suppliers and their relationship with Amazon. Seller has done all the legwork to see what will sell, what needs to be in Amazon’s inventory, and what is more cost-effective to send from store inventory. Seller maintains a minimum inventory of $50,000 included with an acceptable offer. Amazon is the wave of the current & future and because of its strength, it is harder and harder to get your business on Amazon. Run this business from anywhere, or you can purchase the residential condo currently being used for this business for $350,000.00.

For all serious inquiries please contact:
Drew Carney
Transworld Business Advisors
610-783-3555, ext 3
[email protected]

BUSINESS PRICE: $ 279,000.00 US
GROSS SALES: $ 719,928.00 US
SDE: $ 99,371.00 US
Real Estate (available) $ 350,000.00 US