Quaint smokehouse serving BBQ & Southern fare in a down-home setting with ’50s decor & a patio accompanied by a new fully operational ice cream parlor. From the moment the doors open you can smell the barbeque grilling and see the smoke in the air. Locals, Construction workers, Corporate Professionals, commuters, you name it if someone desires Barbeque they don’t hesitate in coming or ordering over the phone or online from one of Maryland’s favorite Smokehouses. Located in one of the hottest new growing communities in Maryland, Halethorpe has become a beacon on the radar for some serious developers that hope to piggy back on the demographics targeted by the Guinnes Beer facility not far from this location. In lieu of the development yet to come, this business has done extremely well so it is not hard to imagine what this place will be like within the next couple of years with what is brewing directly behind this location which is clearly reflected upon the following excerpt by local reporter Melody Simms.
The recently purchased 72 acres will roughly house 5,000 new residents who’s backyards border this location. With current business stable and lucrative I cannot imagine what this place will become in the very near future as the current owner has reached retirement it is difficult for him not to stay and watch what his dream will manifest into. At 350k with the current clientele, and future plans of this community, real buyers will not hesitate on this one, I don’t expect this one to last long.
Those who get it really get it.