Single mom started the business and realized that she cannot keep the business and be a full-time mom at the same time. Specialize in exotic Furniture, featuring combination of wood, glass and chrome with a modern twist. She operated the business based on appointments only, new owner can turn into full time and grow the business quickly. Located in Fort Lauderdale, offering Design Interior furnishings for work spaces and homes. All pieces are handmade, crafted directly from solid wood which make them unique with highest quality wood (only Teak and Suar Wood are used). The business is facing a main road generating a lot of traffic and is located on a shopping Plaza. 2890sf with multiple rooms and storage in the back. Huge windows give extra exposure. Inventory included: $20,000, Leasehold improvement included: $20,000, Based on current time spent at the store and projecting to full time base, owner could get to over $116,000 of earnings per industry average.